A Veteran Who Reinvented Her Career

In honor of Memorial Day, we’d like to share the inspirational story of a former member of the U.S. Navy who was able to rethink her professional future through Career Reform. Thank you Rachel Teall for such a moving testimonial. It’s people, like you, who make our jobs so fulfilling.

Until I was able to participate in Career Reform, I was lost.  I joined the Navy after college because I had no direction, and while the Navy provided me with experiences I’ll never forget, it did not provide me with the professional direction I needed.

Rachel Teall

Rachel Teall

I spent a year after my discharge enjoying the fruits of my labor by traveling around the country and spending time with my family.  When I began looking for work, I realized my lack of direction was a real problem.  I spent several months blindly applying for jobs, with a resume that was inappropriate for the type of job I should’ve been looking for.  I had some interviews that lead nowhere, and finally, I went to a Buffalo job fair, where I attended Joan’s seminar.

That day actually changed my life.  So many lightbulbs went off in my head about things I should’ve been doing differently.  I spoke to Joan for the first time the next day and knew immediately that better things were coming.  For the first time, someone understood exactly what I was going through and seemingly knew exactly how to help me.

I never would have signed up for Career Reform on my own though.  It is purely because of your generosity and kind spirit that I was able to attend Career Reform and learn from all that Joan has to offer.  It is because of this experience that my professional life is now on track.

After the very first class, in which we received the shockingly accurate results of our Behavior Analysis, I had an interview in which I was able to utilize what I had already learned about the kind of person I am both naturally and adaptively.  Later that same day I was offered the job, and two hours later, I was offered a second job, for which I had interviewed about a month before.

If I had not attended Career Reform, this would’ve posed a problem, and I honestly probably would’ve chosen the wrong job.  I only chose the right job because I had learned so much about myself and what I need and want out of a job in the first two hours I spent with Joan.

I now work for a small, well-established company in which I play a major role.  I have a lot of responsibility as well as a lot autonomy, which suits me really well.  With my new growth mindset, I’m trying things I would’ve shied away from before and along with that, I’m practicing my internal strategy by trying to learn everything I possibly can from this company so I can figure out what I truly want to do in the future.

Thank you so much.  I can honestly say that Career Reform changed my life for the better, and I will always appreciate what it did for me.

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