Joan Graci, President and Founder

“I don’t want to see another person go out into the job search world without a plan – a plan to succeed.” 

Joan has spent the last 28 years making it her business to listen to the requirements that American employers demand of our workforce today. It’s important to know that Joan isn’t your traditional career counselor or human resources expert who only focuses on one central aspect of the employment world. She has helped job seekers overcome all forms of career disease, from word vomit and over-inflated egos, to schizophrenic job histories and lack of self confidence. And believe us, she sure as heck isn’t going to quietly tiptoe around the root of your employment problem.

With years of experience analyzing the real truth of what employers are thinking and feeling, Joan has already helped thousands of job seekers transform their careers and become fluent in the language of employers. It is her life’s mission to fearlessly share proven career strategy with job seekers of all backgrounds and levels of expertise, from high school to retirement. To chronicle her experiences and passion for Career Reform, Joan recently released her first book, “No More Bad Advice“. She also speaks frequently in classrooms, and at career and corporate events.

Recently, Joan received a 2015 Woman of Influence award issued by Buffalo Business First.

Joan can be reached by phone at 800.230.9651, by email at or on LinkedIn.



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