Anthony: Another Successful Business Owner

Our friend Anthony Hussak used Career Reform to take ownership and control of his professional situation. If our career planning course, coaching and career assessment can work for him, they can work for you.

Thank you to Anthony for sharing his story with us. Read it below, and be inspired!

“After I graduated from the University at Buffalo with an engineering degree, I continued to work at the University as it seemed to be a ‘safe’ employment choice. After a few years, though, it was clear I was no longer able to advance my career the way I had hoped and was looking to start a career more in line with my degree. I first contacted Jean at APA Solutions and she put me in contact with Joan. After my first ‘failed’ interview attempt, Joan mentioned that I should look at the Career Reform coaching sessions. I purchased the initial three weeks of the career planning course and went from having no real idea how to market myself to being able to fully explain how I could help an employer solve their ‘problem’. These courses also changed the way I searched for positions as through discussions with Joan and completing the DISC Assessment I had a better understanding of what I wanted out of my career and how to go about searching for these opportunities. This new mindset landed me an excellent engineering position at a local company where I will have the chance to utilize my strengths and learn new skills for the future.”

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