Antony, A Fresh College Grad, Got His First Gig!

Antony was one of our enrolled graduates (a participant in our “Adopt A Grad” campaign). Because we recognized his talent and enthusiasm to learn, we gave him an internship at our company. After shadowing our career experts, he successfully secured his first role at a growing, national media organization.



While interning at APA Solutions and Career Reform I was able to get an inside scoop into both sides of the career searching process. Being able to see and learn how to secure and prepare for an interview as well as how to present myself in an interview provided me invaluable experience.

The career reform process helped me to convey all my strengths and experiences and even my weaknesses in a positive way that resonated with the interviewers. I also learned how to use all the resources at my disposal and take the necessary steps in order to reach my career goals. You may think you don’t have the right experiences but one thing Joan and Jean taught me is that every experience is a learning experience and you just have to know how skills from one experience or job can be applied to another.

Thanks Antony for your kind words and we wish you all the best!

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