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The day has finally come. After what feels like an eternity of submitting resumes and applying to different positions, a potential employer has contacted you for an interview. Like almost every candidate we talk to, you walk out of that meeting with the hiring manager immediately feeling like a million bucks and thinking things went so well.

Then, the waiting game begins. They say they’ll be in touch with more information, and you wait to hear back. And wait. And wait. Unfortunately the call never comes, and after an extended period of time you determine on your own that you’re out of the running and officially close the book on that particular job.

The problem is, this certainly isn’t the first time this has happened to you. So how do you make things right for the next time?

Most job seekers don’t realize that even the simplest slip-ups can make all the difference to an employer during an interview. You are under a microscope the moment you walk into that company’s building, and until you walk back out the door after the conversation.

Don’t let the pressure of these situations rattle you. Instead take a deep breath and accept the fact you’ve got more work to do.

When that next big opportunity to prove yourself worthy to an employer comes along, be prepared. Here are a few ways to do it.



1. Do Your Homework. Make sure you know all the facts about your potential employer. From executives to recent news to everything to company does. Knowledge is power.

2. Keep It Clean. As silly as it may sound, looking presentable – clothes pressed, clean-shaven, hair styled conservatively, etc. – is huge. Looking good will make you feel good (and comfortable) and leave a great first impression with those you meet.

3. Have Extras. You never know who you’ll meet over the course of an interview. Come to the interview armed with extra resumes, business cards, reference documents and any other job-specific collateral to help your cause. Voluntary offer it to those you speak with before any conversations even start.

4. Ask Questions. Don’t just answer all of the employers questions. Be engaging. Give them every impression that you not only want that job, but that you’ve gone as far as to visualize yourself in the position and started to consider the associated roles and responsibilities.

5. Get Some Sleep. Again, it may seem ridiculous, but a good night’s rest can go a long way with a big event like an interview. You’ll feel fresh and on top of your game.

Really want to dominate that next interview? We have upcoming events tailored specifically to interviews, and also offer one-on-one interview coaching.

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