Blurred By Career Blunders

JoanHeadI recently came across an article on common blunders people make when changing their career, such as going into an industry or discipline because it is profitable, or because they didn’t have a game plan. To me, each of these pitfalls represents a common mistake most of us have probably made when faced with a career decision in the past.

But this breakdown seems to miss the big picture.

After some time to digest, one question that came to mind was, “Why are people making these career changes at all?” Questions like this are the ones that need to be addressed. If not, there’s no point to even identify those so-called blunders. By ignoring these important questions, the real problems are never truly recognized or acknowledged. Also, by not addressing this issue of why, people are doomed to repeat these mistakes. That’s what history has taught us.

The article advised readers on how to avoid career change blunders – but what can we do to change our own ways and dodge them all together? It starts with a change in beliefs. Because if we change our beliefs, we alter our behavior – not only personally, but in how a career is viewed in general.

Typically, identifying these stumbling blocks and providing insight on how to avoid them is the type of career advice you can find anywhere. But instead, by approaching your career in a different way – and taking ownership as you would of your own business – we rewrite what’s considered typical and start to control our own professional situation. In that way it becomes what you want it to be.

We all make mistakes. But admitting them, picking yourself back up and moving forward isn’t always easy. Next time this happens to you, take a step back and rethink your career approach. Because when you decide to take control, the sky is the limit.

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