Career Gratitude: A Thing of the Past?

When you state your case in “open write” (instead of open mic) and ask employees – from all industries, generations, income levels, and demographics – a specific question, you just never know what you’re going to get. Acknowledging the season of gratitude, my team asked professionals from our talent database, “What are you thankful for in your job?”



As the comments came flying in, an unsettling theme emerged. There were a whole lot of unhappy people sharing not-so-thankful remarks about their work situations. I never wanted to fall into the trap of believing that these comments must be indicative of the data that claims unsatisfied and unfulfilled workers are the new norm. But the numbers never lie. Given the dismal feedback, I decided to share a few humorous comments, many of which seemed to be the same story echoed by different sarcastic voices.

For your holiday amusement:

“I’m thankful that my company sent out surveys to see why the level of discontent was so high. The owners were pretty disturbed at the results and even though they did nothing to change the negative work culture, at least we got to write it down. I read somewhere that’s a form of therapy anyways.”

“I’m thankful that the owners son moved to Nashville to make it big as a country singer. It was clear that he hated his job and was only in the business because his dad thought he should be. I’d be lying to say I’m not a bit concerned that he doesn’t even own a guitar and hasn’t down much singing. Well at least it’s good for me.”

“I am thankful that as a recent grad I’ve learned new things about the reality of the workforce. Employers can promise you anything on an interview and do the exact opposite once you get the job. ‘Professional development’ means we’ll do that when we get around to it, but you can get me some coffee. And even though the owners keep on telling me they’re not my parents, they continue to treat me like a 16-year-old that just got her driver’s license.”

“I am thankful that my boss keeps doing all my work for me. It seems he has found the best person for the job – himself.”

What are you thankful for in your job? We’d love to hear your comments

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