Define Your Professional Identity

Sometimes it can be hard to explain your strengths and weaknesses to an employer in an interview or picture the perfect work culture, one that matches who you are as an individual. What if you could take a 30-minute online test that brings a new level of awareness, helps you better understand what your best behavioral assets are, and shows you how to communicate them to employers?

SocialProfileWhiteSMAfter months of research, we cherry-picked a career assessment that does it all. The TTI DISC Assessment hones in on your unique personality and integrates behaviors, motivators, and communication styles in an eye-opening way. This isn’t your typical high school job predictor that said you’d make a great truck driver or veterinarian. In fact, countless employers use this tool to find out if their top contenders match their organizational values. For new graduates who want to better understand how their passions and natural tendencies relate to the business world, job seekers looking to reinvent themselves, or working men and women looking to gain a leg up in their industry and win that promotion, the DISC is geared towards all levels of professional development.

We’re hosting a career assessment class to put all your questions to rest. Our in-house certified Behavioral Specialist, Jean Filipiak, will study your individual profiles, categorize your behaviors and motivators, and, best of all, put the scientific research into plain English.

WHAT: Define Your Professional Identity – Career Assessment Course

WHEN: Tuesday October, 7 from 4-6 p.m.

WHERE: Career Reform HQ – 6480 Main Street, Williamsville, NY (see map)

PRICE: $50 (retails at $149)

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