Do More, And “Leave A Mark”

In the 90’s comedy “Tommy Boy”, Chris Farley was an underachiever who relied on his father to fix everything. Unfortunately, not too far in to the movie, his father passes away, leaving Farley – the namesake Tommy in the movie – with inherited power over the family company and with no idea how to run it. Quickly failing at every attempt to sell his company’s products, Tommy had to do something drastic.


Even though his father, who was a great salesman, taught Tommy everything he needed to know, Tommy had to take that advice and make it his own. After that, he was able to make the sales he needed and save the family business.

The fact is, every job seeker out there can learn a valuable lesson from Tommy.

When his father wasn’t around anymore to fix everything in a jiffy, Tommy was forced to take what he knew and blend it with his own strengths to make it work for him. Too many of us who are looking for a job today just take things as they are, rather than embracing what they could be. A forward-thinking mentality can help you stand out to potential employers, especially when it comes to what you do on social media.

Take LinkedIn, for example. Once you have your profile in a good place (we can teach you how!), beyond the basics like making connections and looking for jobs, you can formally follow companies, thought leaders, influencers, and even join groups relevant to your industry or field. Once you’re a group member or have added these contributors to your news feed, expect to see fresh and useful content from them almost every day, and sometimes more frequently – and you can “like” or share any of this material with your network.

While this is a good start, unfortunately that’s what almost everyone else on LinkedIn does. Instead, take the extra time to make it your own. Share the content, but make it personal and add value to your audience by posting your own thoughts or opinions on the subject matter along with it. Engage with your connections on the topic and make it more than your typical “share”. This will not only keep you in-tune with your industry and also show your passion for it, but it forces people to pay more attention to what you have to say – including potential employers.

As Tommy famously says, “that’s when people like us have gotta forge ahead, Helen.” Well, job seekers, this is one chance.

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