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We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s who you know.” And we can’t deny that a job search is far more effective when you use the people in your personal and professional life to your advantage.


Especially if you’re unemployed, you want everyone you associate with to know you’re looking for a job. The more people that are made aware, the greater your chances of receiving leads for positions or potential references courtesy of this audience.

But what happens if you’ve worked your networks hard, and employers still aren’t calling? It’s time to tap into the power of social media.

Social networking is just that: social. And to make it truly work for your job search, you should leverage the technology in place. Look over the friends of your friends on Facebook, and take the time to review the second- and third-level connections to your connections on LinkedIn. While your friend or connection might not be the proper resource to help present you to a certain company or refer you for that perfect position, they might be linked to someone who definitely can. But you’ll never know unless you take the time to look.

Some might consider this strategy a form of snooping or a bit creepy, but that’s far from the case. When a connection is made on social media, it comes with an acknowledgment – you know become a representative for that person, and vice versa. It also grants you access to the portion of the person’s life that they choose to share on a give social network, including their contacts.

It’s guaranteed you won’t be the first person to explore a friend or connection’s contacts. That is the essence of networking, online or off. There’s even a good chance when you establish a new friend or connection, while you’re checking out his or her profile, they’re doing just the same to yours. Be sure to keep your own profiles optimized, consistent, and comfortably accessible.

Make social media and its technology your friend (no pun intended) and key networking tool. Its potential is unlimited!

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Job Search ToolkitWhen you start to dig deep into your social networks, it may be helpful to reconsider your presentation as a potential candidate. Make sure your resume and cover letter are at their best, and that you can tell your story and explain your objective to the new connections you make.

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