Even Career Pain Is Only Temporary

From the time we’re born and throughout life, it’s a fact that growing pains do exist.

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I remember the ones I experienced when I was a little girl, and boy, did they hurt. I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling sore and achy and run to my mom – she would simply say, “You will be OK.” Just hearing those comforting words were all I needed to go back to bed and sleep, then wake up the next day feeling fine.

Today when my daughter Anna experiences the same thing, I use an identical approach to my mother’s. I rub what hurts, kiss her forehead and assure her everything will be OK. Unfortunately when these growing pains occur in your career or job situation, mommy isn’t there to make it all better.

So what do you do?

1. Consider your situation. What is causing your pain?

2. Seek the right help. There are many people and places you can turn to: a mentor, a career coach, the internet, a former teacher, a career center, even the Department of Labor.

3. Listen and execute. Be the change you want to be. Sometimes the pain will not go away until you change your thoughts and change your ways.

And remember, even if your own situation is fine, you don’t need to be a mom like me to give another person encouraging words of support while they are going through a job change or other career growing pains. Instead of making New Year’s resolutions about your bad habits, your diet, or anything else, make a commitment or establish the goal of helping a friend, neighbor, co-worker or anyone else important to you to achieve their goals.

In 2014, let’s put more people back on the job…and doing the work they love!

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