Find Out How Brian Won His Dream Job

Brian was a high-priority candidate who applied for a position with one of our clients. After coaching sessions and guidance from our career experts, he successfully secured his first leadership role as Warehouse Manager at a leading commercial flooring company. 

SocialProfileWhiteSMI had never known that there was such a wonderful place that would help me in my career search. Jean met with me before my interview and coached me on every aspect of interviewing. She was there to guide and help make me stronger through the process. I used her advice for another interview and was offered both positions. She then guided me in making my job decision. She was very helpful and understanding.

I would have never imagined I would have received a management position because I have always been the laborer. With her advice I have been able to take that next step.

Thanks Brian for your kind words and we wish you all the best!

You can be next. 

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