Getting Social Could Get You Hired

We’ve all been there: You’ve decided it’s time to find a new job and want to make sure you have all the neccessary tools at your disposal. Your resume is updated, the cover letter has been proofread and the references have been gathered and alerted.


But in this day and age, if you think that’s you need, you’re mistaken. Get involved and active on social media.

Building out an online profile on places like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will provide a better representation of who you are to potential employers, and it also makes you more accessible. But just establishing yourself and then putting things on auto-pilot is simply not an option. Your social presence needs to support your job search.

Here are a few ways to grow from a casual social user to a savvy job seeker with an impressive online brand:

1) Beef up your LinkedIn. First, if you don’t have a profile, get one. Then, once you do, make it an in-depth reflection of your professional self. There is no such thing as too much information when filling out certain areas on your profile.

2) Perform an audit. Take a look at everything you have ever posted – on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else. If anything you’ve shared out even gives you the slightest feeling that it’s negative or inappropriate, delete, remove or dissassociate yourself from it as soon as you can.

3) Keep the dirty laundry in the washing machine. Social media profiles are the property of the user, meaning it’s a free and open space to do as you please. But your personal matters should not be available for the world to see. Keep private matters private, so employers or recruiters viewing your presence only walk away with a positive impression.

4) Groups. Lots of them. There is also no such thing as being a member of too many groups. Join anything and accept any invitation that comes your way that’s related to your industry or field of interest. This can build your network and your expertise in a hurry, and potentially lead to the job you desire.

5) Make yourself visible. Don’t be “just another user”. Do things to make yourself stand out to others. Use hashtags on Twitter, create your own opinion about articles or topics on LinkedIn and Facebook. Become a thought leader instead of just one of the masses.

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