Good Advice For The Holidays!

A book can be an amazing stocking stuffer. Some can even change your life.

No More Bad Advice, By Joan GraciIf you or someone you know is stuck in a career rut – unhappy with a current job, without a job, or ready to try something different – we’ve got just the book for you, and at a holiday discount.

Joan Graci, the president and founder of Career Reform and an employment and careers expert for nearly 30 years, gave us her first book, “No More Bad Advice” this year. The title says it all – Joan points out the most common career advice professionals are given every day, and tells you why all of it us NO GOOD. She will have you feeling empowered, motivated, and ready to own your career like a business after reading this book.

Give the gift of career happiness this year. It’s not too late.

Pick up No More Bad Advice now!

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