Didn’t Get The Job? Grab A Shovel

With today’s job market ultra-competitive and unemployment being what it is, many of us have found ourselves on the losing end of a job search. No matter how many resumes you send and how many times you follow up, you just can’t seem to catch a break.

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If this is the case, re-evaluating your approach to finding the dream position or career for you may be in order. This kind of change doesn’t require a new certificate or degree. It won’t just happen overnight, either. Plain and simple, it starts with you. But tread carefully; if you do decide to make a move solely for a higher income you may be better off financially, but run the heavy risk of being miserable in the end.

So, instead of dwelling on why you weren’t the chosen candidate for that last position, take a step back and realize that the hiring process is a two-way street. What more could you have offered them? Did your professional background truly add value to their business?

To answer these questions and move forward positively, a greater understanding of your target position and ideal company is needed. Simply researching their website the night before an interview will not do you any good. The preparation needs to be much more thorough. Use your personal network to dig deeper into the company, its key contacts, and the employee culture. Also be sure to follow their company profiles on social media. Try to connect the dots even further by researching groups and associations they are a part of, and any other relevant business news or partnerships. Knowledge is power, so gather as much as you possibly can.

If this is something you normally don’t do, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Look at it this way: what has been familiar and complacent hasn’t worked. So try a little new, a little different and a little more. You may be surprised where you end up.

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