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I heard on the radio yesterday that 94% of the population has already given up on their New Year’s resolution. Just five days into 2014, the vast majority of Americans have quit their plans for self-improvement. Being in the industry of career counseling, self-deprecating mindsets and negative professional outlooks, are, unfortunately the norm in my business. In my experience, most people just don’t know how to begin the daunting process of self-improvement. In the professional sense, I see firsthand how overwhelming rethinking your career can be. The first piece of advice I give to my job seekers is always the same: When it comes to reinventing or evolving your career, don’t look at the whole process at once. Instead, break it up into manageable pieces. By opening your mind to change, one small step at time, your chances of surviving this year’s resolutions and making it out on top are much stronger.



Take the time you need to achieve self-clarity. It takes a lot of courage to own your professional future and change it for the better, which is why proper self-reflection is crucial to the process. In order to truly evolve, step back and ask yourself, “How do my behaviors, motivators and passions fit into the business world?”

Write down your goals and understand them. Besides the obvious factor of earning a living, why are you eager to improve your professional self? Where would you like to be in 10 years and why is it important to you to achieve those aspirations? By understanding the why behind your goals and actions, you are better equipped to face them head on.

Consider the values that you live by. What type of company, industry, and position are you looking for? In order to find a long-term role at a firm you love, matching your values to those of an organization is just as important as matching your hard skills to a job description.

Believe in yourself. Don’t get too bogged down with the nitty gritty details of job planning. Of course, mapping out a comprehensive career plan is essential to getting long-term results, but believing in your ability to succeed and follow through is half the battle. Reinforcing your own self-worth and surrounding yourself with positive mantras are great ways to boost self-esteem and, believe it or not, increase your chances of making those career dreams come true by a landslide.

By following these four easy starter steps, you have already accomplished more than 94% of the population!

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