Here’s A Tip For You, Job Seekers


Not a day goes by that I don’t read on the web, hear on the news, or receive in my email the so-called “Five Tips Every Job Seeker Must Know”, or the “10 Things To Get Your Career Back On Track.”

By definition a tip is “a useful hint or idea” – signifying to me that there has to be some greater body, being or context to attach it to.

So from where I sit, doing what I’ve done for almost 30 years – identifying candidates for growth-oriented companies – before you can even understand how a tip helps you shift the balance of power, your “body” needs to answer the following questions:

  • Who Really Am I?
    Have I picked a specialty occupation – plumber, project manager, software engineer, etc. – or am I under the crazy idea that I can be all things to all people (which basically means you don’t have a specialty because you don’t have a clue how to pick one)?
  • Why Am I Interested In This Position?
    Not just the money that it pays, but how does it help your skill level grow and in turn help the company you are joining?
  • What Have I Done That Makes Me Special? What Ingredients Do I Have That Employees Are Interested In?
    If you don’t know, that’s a problem.
  • How Can I Help An Employer By Providing Examples Of How I’ve Done It In The Past?
    Can I easily identify the milestone achievements in my career and relate them to the job at hand?

Once you’ve got these big questions covered it’s easy to see how tips can make a difference. But without something substantial to attach it to, a tip is, well, just a tip.

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