How Closely Are Recruiters Tracking You?

“The cloud” – it’s one of those trendy tech terms a lot of people use but can’t clearly define. To most, it’s a mysterious black hole that files a lifetime of photos, music, and documents so that we can avoid filling up our computer hard drives. But the cloud is truly a network of servers. Some of them provide an online service, like Adobe Creative Cloud, while others allow you to store and access data, like Instagram or Dropbox. Like most businesses, my firm relies on the cloud everyday to back us up.



Technology is an incredible thing and, just like most people – who use it to stay current on our ever-changing social world – recruiters rely on it to organize the chaos that makes up our employment world. Most job seekers don’t realize the robust capabilities our recruiting database offers. Here’s a hint: it does more than store our top talent. Each candidate has his/her own profile that not only categorizes them by line of work, demographic, and experience level, but also reminds us how we felt about our last interaction with them. The “recruiting cloud,” as we fondly refer to it, is our favorite sourcing tool because it keeps our 98 percent retention rate unwavering. It helps us find that “needle in the haystack” and narrow down that perfect fit from a pool of 500 contenders.

So here’s the way it works: a person applies to one of our openings online, and, if we see a potential match, we’ll contact him/her within our promised 24-to-48 hour window. And then the countdown begins. True to the norm most recruiters experience, only about 30 percent of the job seekers who submit their resumes to an opening get back to us right away. The other 30 percent fails to call us back at all and the last 40 percent take they’re sweet time doing it. Did I mention that these are the people who send us their information (not the talented few we seek out directly)? It’s a mind-blowing statistic we’re still trying to wrap our brains around. Of those same people who apply, the amount that provides real, hard evidence that demonstrates they have skills that relate to the specific role in question and can make a real impact on an organization is negligible. In fact, the percentage is so low that we’ve deemed is unquantifiable. So we dig, and dig, and dig, until we find the match we’re looking for.

Our frustration with the lack of customized-to-the-job resumes we get only fuels our cherry-picking approach to sourcing. When our executive assistant sets up a telephone or personal interview and the job seeker is, in our terminology, a “no call / no show,” you bet our software will immediately label him/her as such. We have a no-tolerance policy for people who waste our time and resources, which means no do overs. And if you have incriminating photos online that show you acting like Larry Kroger in Animal House or slanderous posts on your Facebook wall, you bet we’ll make note of it in our database. And for those of you who are guilty of the “apply-apply-apply method,” blasting your resume to as many job openings as possible without taking the time to find out if you’re truly qualified, we notice you too, and guess what – so does our technology. We’ve even had candidates who accepted an offer and failed to show up on their start date without so much as an explanation. With our diverse range of clients, many of those same people end up back on our doorstep asking to be considered for a new position. And former bad etiquette harms their chances big time.

Most job seekers believe their recruiting crimes are like speeding tickets – they’ll eventually come off their record. Au contraire my friends. Our recruiting cloud never forgets who the offenders are. Recruiting technology isn’t just a tool for storing your resume; it also tells us what kind of job seeker you are, what behaviors you’ve showed us, and whether or not we wish to work with you again. So before you blow off a recruiter for a game of golf on a hot, summer day, keep in mind, our recruiting cloud will speak for you.

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We realize how complicated the hiring process has become, which is why we’ve made it our mission to educate the masses. In this blog, we clued you in on how close we’re watching you and what not to do. Here are some great tips on how to clean up your job search etiquette and ensure that your record is clean: On A Job Board? Don’t Make Employers Board and Want A Job? Make A Recruiter’s Job Easier.

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