Improving Self-Confidence Pays



Take it from Theresa

Theresa is a perfect example of a career gone south due to lack of confidence. She’s a back-to-work mom who took a position as a low-level office assistant despite her educated background. She was grossly underpaid and overqualified for the job and was too timid to speak up during the negotiation phase of her interview process. As Joan mentioned in her latest blog, Is Low Self-Confidence Killing Your Career, you don’t have to be captain of the football team or an outspoken salesman to meet the confidence mark. But by showing up prepared (doing research about the company, building up your professional brand, and practicing your career story), you can easily boost your self worth. Theresa may have prepped for her interview just enough to land the job, but low self-confidence caused her to doubt her abilities and distrust her judgment. If Theresa doesn’t take proactive measures, she’ll engage in passive behaviors that’ll inevitably undermine her success, making her less likely to win promotions, raises, or higher positions in the future.

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