It Finally Clicked for Kathy

Kathy wasn’t happy at her current job, and she knew she needed a change. She just didn’t know how. That’s where we came in! After coaching Kathy she had a completely different approach to her job search process and professional future, in general.

Here’s what Kathy had to say about Career Reform:

Kathy Leckey“When I first met with Jean I felt stuck in a sales position that was not the right fit for me. During our meeting we discussed potential jobs that she brought to my attention. I trusted her expertise enough to follow one of them through, and although I did not end up taking the job, the coaching and guidance Jean gave me was very insightful.

She walked me through the interviewing process and gave me pointers on how to ask and answer questions in order to communicate how my skill sets would be valuable to the employers. I’m so thankful that she took the time to really get to know me because with that relationship she was able to help me understand how I can fit into roles I wouldn’t normally dream about applying to. I was suddenly presented with all these new opportunities, and it was a great feeling to have more options.

Now I can say that I have a positive outlook on my career and my future professional life because of Jean and her expertise. With her support I discovered a new sense of confidence within myself, which is really exciting! Thank you so much Jean and Career Reform for helping me find career happiness!”

Wow, what a transformation! We wish you all the best, Kathy!

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