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SocialProfileWhiteSMNicole Martin is a recent Career Reform success story. We thank her for her willingness to blog about her experience with us.


Working with Joan and Career Reform was different than I expected right from the beginning. I assumed I would be shuffled along through an interview process with an employment agency and maybe some help with my resume.

Well, I was wrong.

Career Reform helped me to understand that people conducting interviews are just as nervous as I would be. They needed to find the right person for that specific job and I needed to find the perfect fit for me. As still a fairly new young professional, I needed to take the time to be strategic and confident about my next move. I needed to market myself by highlighting all of the tools I had acquired through past jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, etc.

At the age of 28 I was trying to navigate my way in the professional market and thought I knew how to represent myself in an interview. I figured, “I’m nice and pleasant and they’ll know I’m a hard worker”. Joan’s book and her honesty during our meetings made me realize that I needed to do some serious work to put myself in a position I was happy with, as well as challenge myself. I researched the company and its job description and asked myself, “What are they looking for in this position? What do I bring to the table?” I had to take notes and talk to myself in the mirror. I learned all of this from reading Joan’s book. This is not a sales pitch. This is me wanting others to realize that they are selling themselves short if they do anything less.

Joan and the others at Career Reform cheered me on the entire way. You will get from this process what you put in. I had nothing to lose last spring regarding my employment status, jumped in feet first ready to go, listened to Joan, and am now in an even better position in my career. I was able to grow within my field and gain more insight and helpful tools to give me that edge I needed. We all know it’s very competitive out there, especially right out of college, but with the correct preparation you can compete with the best of them.

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