Personal & Professional Branding Career Planning Course

SocialProfileWhiteSMDo you know exactly what comes up when your name is searched online? What kind of shape is your LinkedIn profile in? And are your Facebook and Twitter timelines entirely recruiter-friendly?

Even beyond what’s happening on the web, do your resume and cover letter work together to effectively tell the complete story behind your career? Are you comfortable and confident that articulating story to a hiring manager in an actual interview setting and tying it into the position you’re being considered for?

As recruiting and career experts working daily with growth-oriented employers, the Career Reform team knows just how important a fresh, consistent presentation of yourself across all channels and in every format is to landing your dream job, or continuing your advancement. Because of this we’re excited to announce our next training opportunity – the Personal & Professional Branding Career Planning Course.

Join with other motivated job seekers and professionals looking to gain a better sense of career identity, build and maximize their visibility to hiring employers, and walk away with a complete, long-term business-like career plan.

We understand with the holidays approaching flexibility is key, so we’re offering several options – both live and online – to be a part of this life-changing career experience. If you’re interested, please consider the scheduling options below, and we strongly recommend that you check out our FREE introductory webinars to get you started.

Be who you really want to be the next time an employer considers you for a position or your peers look you up…join us!

    • Personal & Professional Branding 3-Week Course, $249 – Starts Tuesday, November 19 at 10 a.m. (Each class is two hours, runs through December 3)
    • Personal & Professional Branding 1-Day Course, $249 – Thursday, November 21 at 9 a.m. (All-day session)


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