Recap: Career Planning Course For Women


Career Reform recently offered a Career Planning Course For Women. The six-week event took attendees on a journey to truly discover their professional identity, learn and network from their peers, and emerge at the end of the course energized and armed with a business ownership mentality, and prepared with a thoughtful and long-term career plan.

Video Testimonial: MaryAnn

Karyn, Course Graduate:
“Initially, I had reached out to Career Reform because I was very dissatisfied with my job. I was working for a major healthcare organization and had been progressively promoted into more complex positions during my 24 years of employment. I had been in my current position for one year and was very frustrated with certain aspects of my role. I wanted to explore my options to see if a career change would be possible. I started out by taking the DISC assessment. The results of the assessment helped me to understand why I was unhappy with my current role. I was able to better understand myself, my values, my needs, and exactly what is was about my current position that made me unhappy. Like most people, I was afraid to make a change and, therefore, did nothing. A few months later the option to continue with the status quo was taken away from me by a corporate downsizing. I once again reached out to Joan and her team for guidance. Career Reform helped me to turn a negative situation into a positive one. I credit the program with giving me the knowledge and skills that I needed in order to purposefully seek employment options that were well suited to my skills and needs. Additionally, I was able to interview very well due to the coaching that I received through the program. Without Career Reform, I would have desperately sought out “a job” in order to pay my bills. Thanks to Career Reform, I had the confidence to be selective and to take charge of my career. I am thrilled to report that I was awarded a wonderful position within another major organization. I am confident that this organizations culture and logistics are better suited to my needs and I am excited to begin my new career.”

Rose, Course Graduate: 
“Well, we just completed the final class of Career Reform’s “Women’s Career Seminar” workshop tonight. Throughout the past six weeks, I and seven other women – all wonderful, supportive people – have assessed our behaviors and abilities and motivators, learned (and unlearned some things), done a lot of homework, upgraded our ‘living and breathing’ resumes, been forced out of our comfort zones (which sounds like a bad thing, but is really a good thing), learned about the all important ‘Why?’ and how to tell a good story, and have come out on the other side with a new view of ourselves and our careers. We now know that our careers are our businesses, ‘You, Inc.’, and they need to be purposefully managed as such. We also have a better understanding of what employers are not only looking for, but what they are thinking – priceless!

Joan’s ability to understand where each of us needs shoring up is remarkable. It was a terrific workshop and I highly recommend Career Reform to everyone regardless of where they are in their career. It is a bittersweet end and I feel a bit like a baby bird leaving the nest; but, I feel more prepared than I could have imagined just a short while ago.

Much thanks to Joan, Caitlin, Jean and Alison for all of their help, knowledge, patience and tough love – (when required).”


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