Redefining The Professional Baby Boomer


Change can be a scary thing, especially when it comes to your career. Usually with professional comfort comes complacency. But what if one day you wake up suddenly unhappy and craving something more or something different?

Take the generation we know as the “baby boomers,” for example. These are mid-life professionals approaching the perceived twilight of their career. Retirement is coming soon, but the tumultuous economy may have this demographic questioning when and how to walk away. Already late in the game, this added stress makes the notion of a career change even more intimidating.

If you happen to fit this mold, questions such as, “Am I ready for a career change?” or “Can I afford to make a transition?” and “Is it too late for me?” likely come to mind. At this point, you should take a moment to reconsider your outlook. As cliché as it may sound, adopting a positive “can do” attitude is half the battle when it comes to career transitions. If you aren’t willing to embrace a new and improved professional self, you can forget about changing your future. As the common saying goes, you need to believe it before you can see it.

Times were different when baby boomers began their careers. At that time, society invoked a strong fear of failure in the minds of new professionals that unfortunately still permeates this wounded generation. The problem today is that younger, more empowered generations, like the millennials, have taken the job market by storm, forcing boomers who are considering a career makeover to alter their approach in order to keep up.

Redefining your career begins with redefining your outlook. The employment world is evolving faster than ever before. In order to have any chance at a better professional future, baby boomers must learn to embrace change along with it.

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