Reflect On Your Own Career Journey On Labor Day

mlkBy Joan Graci –  Founder, Career Reform

Inspired as I always am after listening to Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech, I see Labor Day as a much needed rebirth of the American worker’s mindset.

Unfortunately too many people are still trying to figure out their life’s purpose through another person’s lens. Whether it’s the direction of their current job, the education system, or a well-meaning family member, few people view their background in the self-empowered way they should. The purposeful walk toward career enlightenment is a journey few people have the courage to take.

In 1894 when Labor Day became an official holiday, government was looking for a formal way to acknowledge the economic and social contributions of the workforce. How about carving out some time to dream and ask yourself what you would do with your career life if you could? Have you made the necessary choices to fulfill that goal or are you just following the same old path our forefathers have set down?

Let’s turn the tables and acknowledge the economic and social contributions we’ve made to the most valuable worker we know – ourselves – and ask, “Have we invested wisely?”

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