Your Résumé Should Never Rest

The résumé. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy when job searching. When things aren’t going your way and you’re eager to make a career change, every time you click “submit” in an online application it leaves an empty, helpless feeling.


If you’re tired of waiting and wondering, maybe it’s time to change your résumé sending ways. And that doesn’t mean adjusting your font or type size, repositioning information or stuffing in business jargon. We’re talking about completely reinvesting in your most precious job search document.

People too often fall into the trap of thinking of a résumé as one-size-fits-all. That, job seekers, is a lazy strategy, and probably the exact reason why your phone isn’t ringing. With the start of a new year, we’re recommending one more resolution –make your resume a living, breathing thing. Here’s how.



1. Start over. Look at it this way: what you have now hasn’t worked. So why not start from scratch? Don’t throw your old résumé out, save it for reference later. But it’s time to rethink and build from new, top to bottom.

2. Establish intent. Successful business is based on goals and outcomes. Make your objective clear at the top of your résumé with a mission statement. This will make your connection to the job at-hand very evident.

3. Know your worth. When listing previous work experience, make sure you not only present what you did but how it impacted the organization you were associated with. Also including reasons why you left prior positions could work to your benefit.

4. Customize. Make sure your résumé is flexible. Make a template with interchanging parts. This will allow you to apply to different positions by simply rearranging key elements of your document. Also consider multiple versions specific to the types of jobs and industries that interest you.

Stop spinning your wheels and make something of your job search. It starts and ends by reinventing and committing to a thoughtful and aggressive résumé strategy. If you’d like more help getting started or just don’t have the time, consider our Career Reform Résumé Service.

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