Say “Why?” Before You Say “Go!”

Another new year is upon us, and we have all made resolutions we hope to put into effect. When it comes to our professional situation, many of us decide it may be time to find not only a new job, but a new career. Unfortunately, most people don’t stick to the decision or it fails to some other extent.

So what are we doing wrong? Why do these goals turn out to be nothing but dead ends?


We live in a world of instant gratification. We want results fast and easy in one simple step. But the reality is, changing your professional self is not a speedy process. It’s important before deciding on a new career to know why you are making the decision. It’s implied that you know what you want to do and how you want to go about doing it, but can you truly answer the question of why you’re embarking on this professional journey? Once that sense of purpose is clear, it becomes much easier to focus on different career choices that coincide with who you are professionally, as well as your passions and interests.

With your new path identified, the actual process of career reinvention has to be broken down into several steps. Have the end goal in mind, but remind yourself that there is a method and a strategic process involved. You can start by simply creating a list of pros and cons to your objective, or jotting down the things you do and don’t like to do at work.

Finally, while analyzing the path to your new career target, make sure to keep your goals grounded. No one goes from being an accountant to a movie star. Be meticulous about the task at hand, but also be realistic.

With a firm grasp on the full scope of why you are reinventing your professional self, reaching your goals becomes much more obtainable. Happy New Year and here’s to a prosperous 2014!

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