Success Stories

Success Stories

Career Reform can change your life. It takes understanding and accepting your current situation, committing to the opportunity to work with us, and then following through.

The business of You, Inc. will never be the same. Why can’t YOU be our next career success story?


“I am so happy and thankful that I was able to work with Joan and the Career Reform team recently. After resigning from a position due to just feeling ‘stuck’ there with no growth, I was all over the place in my approach to job searching, interviewing and presenting myself as a professional. Joan helped me to refine my skills and focus on what mattered to an employer. ‘No More Bad Advice’ was eye-opening and a really great read. I would absolutely recommend this book and the career and interviewing seminars to everyone, no matter where you are in your job search journey. This experience was life changing!”

 – Nicole M., Rethinker

“I enrolled in the Career Reform course at a transition point in my professional life. I was an attorney with over 10 years of legal experience in private practice, and for lack of a better word…miserable. A dissatisfaction so great, it forced a fundamental reexamination of my career path entirely. Under Joan Graci’s direction and guidance, I came to realize that I still enjoyed being an attorney, yet was not working in a culture that fit my needs or personality. Over the course of classes, Joan guided the development of my ‘story,’ the theme not only used in job interviews but that also came to define my career endeavors. Moreover, Joan reinforced many invaluable job seeking techniques, including the importance of networking and perseverance. Currently, I am staff counsel with a well known and growth-oriented insurance company and could not be happier! It was the strength of Joan’s experience and relationship with the company’s human resources department that triggered the initial interview, and I am forever grateful to her for that introduction. The course enabled me to understand who I am as an individual and what I want and need in my professional life. Joan reinforced the importance of being true to me and pushing forward, stretching beyond that which is comfortable. This program is a wonderful and worthwhile opportunity. Joan Graci and her staff are driven and dedicated to help individuals succeed and I am fortunate to have been a part of their career program.”

– Joan F., Redefiner

“I don’t know exactly why it started – that longing for something more. Maybe it was because I was nearing middle age or because my job responsibilities had changed over time. But I reached a point in my life where I wasn’t fulfilled in my work as an executive assistant. The pay was fantastic, the people I worked with were wonderful, and I had a secure position. But I wasn’t happy. And even though I wasn’t sure what direction I needed to move in, I knew I needed to move in a different one. So I resigned from my job, left behind a paycheck, and started out on a little journey of discovery to find out what I needed in a career. Finding my direction took time, a great deal of networking, support from family and friends, and some very realistic strategic guidance from Joan Graci. But when I found it, there was a tailor-made position waiting for me. I was offered a job with an exceptional non-profit organization where I could combine my love of finance with my strength in operations. Today, I’m doing work that fulfills me, work that has meaning, work I enjoy. I’m learning and experiencing something new every day. I’m glad I listened to my heart and pushed myself to change. It was worth the effort, worth the sacrifice, and worth the time!”

– Mary S., Reinventor

“I have been unemployed for one year now. I have tried many different jobs, went on many interviews, and revamped my resume over and over again. Still, I haven’t found what I was looking for. The monotony of the day to day searching for jobs, applying to jobs, and thinking about not having a job really began to affect who I am. I became depressed, filled with anxiety and stress, and was unable to think about anything except finding a job. No one really understood how I felt. I worked ever since I was 16 and am now 37. I didn’t know what to do or how to feel good about myself. I hated myself. I began to feel worthless. I honestly thought the world would be better without me. Then, when I was really at one of my lowest points, I connected with Joan Graci’s company. It was out of pure coincidence. I went into Joan’s office thinking pessimistically, ‘Really, what could she do for me and why would she want to help me?’ I also thought, ‘I wonder how much this will cost me.’ After all, I have no income and that is the problem. But, to my surprise, Joan spoke to me and handed me a copy of ‘No More Bad Advice,’ which she stated I would not have to pay for right then. She told me to pay it forward. I was impressed by the fact that somebody, other than me, actually does want to help others. I read the book and began to really feel better about my situation. It was as if she wrote the book for me. I am a ‘feeler’ and Joan spoke from the heart to the heart. I connected with that immediately. Its been a week since I read the book but have felt better about the entire job search process and about myself. I now feel optimistic about where I will be going. Thank you, Joan for taking the time and putting in the effort to share your knowledge with me. You have helped me more than you will ever know!”

– Jennifer K.

“When I first met with Joan I was at a professional and personal crossroads. Professionally, I was conflicted between what my past work experience and education had dictated my career path to be versus what I knew I would be happy doing and would excel at over time. Personally, I was a young mom wanting desperately to rejoin the workforce after a year hiatus, but it was hard for me to imagine going back to a 50-hour work week and I knew I would need to find a family-friendly organization. Joan pressed me to reflect on what would fulfill both my professional and personal needs, as well as make me happy. I was, however, skeptical that I would find a good fit. But with enhanced interviewing techniques and a better understanding of what employers are looking for, I began the interviewing process and soon landed my ideal position. Your services are invaluable and my experience has been that you are truly dedicated to your clients. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!”

– Jennifer G., Redefiner

“After graduating from college with a degree I knew I didn’t want to use, I had no idea where I wanted to go or how to get there. I was referred to Joan Graci and Career Reform by a friend who had been in the same predicament as me about a year before. With the help of the Career Reform staff and the DISC Assessment, I figured out my career goal and outlined a path to success. The hard skills of interviewing, resume writing, cover letters, etc. have been invaluable to me throughout my job search. I am now very happily in my first post-college position, in an organization I love, and have plans to continue moving on and up. Without Career Reform, I probably wouldn’t have even applied. Joan gave me the best career (and life) advice I have ever received: DON’T SETTLE.”

– Mary B., Rethinker

“[The job search process] was eye opening. I have to be very honest with you, coming from literally never in my life having to worry about my job (as a business owner) to going out there after 30 years – I was in panic mode. Literally, panic mode. I thought, ‘Oh my god, looking for a job is not what I thought it was,’ anymore. It’s not knocking on the doors, and shaking people’s hands, it was a big slap in the face. When I joined the Career Reform Boot Camp class, it made me very aware in ‘about face’ way the reality out there. It opened my eyes and truly made me think. I realized you can’t be so confident and cocky to think you could switch industries, just like that, these days. You’ve got to do the networking, research, planning and the hard work to get there. I am very grateful that I was able to get this knowledge from the class. I really enjoyed the classes. In fact it was fun and on some days it was a riot. The positive energy from the class really helped make the days go by because some days job searching can be pretty brutal.”

– Bill M., Reinventor

“In my opinion Joan’s guidance in finding a suitable career is truly what it’s cut out to be, especially for those that feel they have lost all hope and trust in making a career for themselves. The self-empowering tool utilized in the course – understanding who you are as a person and thinking of myself as ‘You, Inc.’ helped me to find my worth and to earn the respect and confident of my potential employers. The biggest realization was that my career starts with me; I still need to market my skill set and be remain innovative even after getting the dream job. Thanks.”

– Akin C., Redefiner

“Joan: I’ve been offered a job as a SALES SUPPORT ASSOCIATE! Thank you so much for inspiring, scaring (ha ha ha), and challenging me, and for believing in me and supporting me so strongly. I wouldn’t have taken this risk without you.”

– Andrew M., Reinventor

“When I decided to leave my classroom teaching position and begin a new career adventure my first stop was to see Joan Graci. Joan helped me to see how my experience, skills and talents that helped me to be a successful teacher would also enable me to succeed in new employment opportunities. She has been a great coach and mentor as I continue on my journey of career exploration. Whether it is to prepare for an interview, develop a new strategy or just give me a pep talk Joan and her team are always ready and willing to help. Her passion is truly to help her clients succeed.”

– Judy L.

“When I first met Joan and her team, she said, ‘You have to connect the dots and understand the needs of employers.’ From there, Joan helped me to prepare for the interviews and this understanding. I believe that connection allowed me to truly come out successful. I had five interviews and each time I came out with a good feeling and positive outcome. Joan and her team were proactive in getting me to each next stage.”

– Govinda P.


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