The Evolution Of Hiring: Are You Ready?

In order to maintain their competitive edge, employers need to keep up with the constant changes demanded by technology and consumers. Change has become such a driving force in the business world that companies have even transformed their human capital and hiring practices in order to boost profits and excel growth. You’ve heard us say gone are the days when a simple resume and a few phone calls to some trusted colleagues would suffice as good job-search preparation. The same is true for employers – today, top talent has become more valuable than ever before, and with the influx of candidates submitting to jobs, hiring managers are forced to take drastic measures to weed out the rotten eggs and find their perfect match.


That means candidates need to do everything in their power to separate themselves from the crowd. The first step is to become aware of how drastically the hiring process has changed. Let me put it this way. If you’ve been with the same firm since the 90s, you’re in for a rude awakening. It was much simpler back then – jobs were often secured over a couple whiskeys and a handshake. Today, legal matters and turnover rates are taken very seriously, which makes recruiting about as multi-faceted as going through the adoption process. It takes about 2-to-4 weeks to start and another 2-4 weeks to end – and that’s an example of an incredibly efficient business with a streamlined, up-to-date human capital process. By understanding both ends of the spectrum (recruiting from an employer’s and job seeker’s standpoints), you will be better equipped to survive the hiring process and secure your dream job.


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