‘Tis the Season to Keep Pushing!

This year, my six-year old’s wishes were simple: “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.” For the rest of us, however, our dreams for the new year most likely include a better career situation.


Anna Filipiak

As a recruiter, I know that the arduous job search process can seem like the not-so-fond childhood memory of your two front teeth coming in – long and painful. Most of us, employed or unemployed, coast through the holidays with our blinders on until the new year approaches, leaving that dreaded feeling in your gut and the realization that your professional self isn’t where you planned it to be this time last year. You haven’t landed that promotion, you hate your current job, or you haven’t gotten around to finding one yet.

My first piece of advice: don’t use the holidays as an excuse to put your job search on pause. Contrary to popular belief, the holiday season does not stop the recruitment process. From the mouths of expert recruiters at a premier employment agency, we’re still looking for great candidates to fill a variety of positions. In a regular business week, my firm reviews about 100-300 resumes – but the holiday season causes our rate of submission to plummet. Now more than ever, stay focused on your job search, continue networking, and keep submitting your resume. With fewer candidates to compete with during the holidays, your resume may stand out more than it normally would and increase your chances at a brighter future.

Career readiness is the most essential component to the job search process. Does this strategy seem familiar to you? If so, you need to reevaluate your career plan.

Most People Think A Career Plan Entails:

1. Getting a degree (high school, bachelor’s, master’s, etc.)

2. Writing a resume and cover letter

3. Searching the web for current opportunities

4. Narrowing down your options and applying

5. Waiting for that phone to ring

In order to land a good job in your field today, you need to be more prepared than simply abiding by the outdated job search method outlined above. A strategic approach involves understanding yourself, your employer (or future employer), and the business climate you are entering. To survive our new normal economy, you need to learn how to think differently and holistically.

A solid career plan is a roadmap to success that projects 2-5 years into the future, outlining the necessary steps to enhance your skillset and marketability within your desired industry. Because of the changing demands of our employment world, Career Reform has built a comprehensive job guide based on a real business model. We believe that the five foundations of success in business are equivalent to the necessary components that make up a strategic career plan.



1. Human Resources – know your individual behaviors, motivators and communication styles and how they relate they business world.

2. Operations – run your business tactically by mapping out a strategic career plan.

3. Sales & Marketing – effectively market your individual skills and experience through a cohesive brand.

4. Technology – learn technology’s role in today’s job search, and how you can take advantage of networking opportunities online.

5. Finance – understand your unique value to employers.

This holiday season, give the gift of career readiness to a job seeker in need, and share with them that our 2014 business climate calls for candidates to do and think differently.

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