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When it comes to putting social media to work for your job search, taking the easy road with your personal profiles just won’t cut it. The best “social candidates” do all they can to be generally active, be engaged with their networks and industry or professional discipline, and ultimately get noticed by the right people. 

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Take Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey as an example. When he first started acting, he was your average, run-of-the-mill beefcake. He starred in every single romantic comedy under the sun and had become just another actor. That’s when McConaughey took a hiatus from his craft to work on it. He reemerged in 2011 and since has become very selective with his roles, accepting only those that challenge him in new ways, and ultimately reveal his maturity, talent, and depth as one of the world’s finest actors.

This reinvention has not only led to increased praise and support from movie critics, but helped him take home the Oscar for Best Actor after his role in Dallas Buyers Club. McConaughey craved recognition for his work, but realized accepting every role in every movie was offered wasn’t the right approach. And he did something about it.

We at Career Reform firmly believe that LinkedIn is an essential job search tool in today’s competitive market. Consider McConaughey’s professional reinvention, and apply it to your LinkedIn strategy. Demand an audience. When you see something you like in the news feed, don’t just share it with your network. Re-post it along with your professional opinions on the subject matter in a thoughtful and engaging way.

Join groups. Follow companies. Always accept connections. Then find ways to wow your audience, just as McConaughey has – there’s a good chance potential employers will take notice.

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Status quo just won’t generate results in today’s job market. You can sit back, listen to traditional career advice and wait for the employers to come calling, or you can improve your mindset and take control. Our free “10 Pieces of Bad Career Advice” will get you started.

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