Who Do You Hold Accountable?

JoanHeadIn my blog, “Can We Still Teach a Man to Fish, Or Are the Waters Too Polluted?” I talked about how today’s job market requires a new belief system in order to evolve your professional future. I’ll be the first to admit that changing fixed views that have been engrained in your mind at a young age is no easy task. It’s human nature to fall back into familiar grooves rather than take a risk and accept a challenging transition. I’m here to urge you to take the hard route. Despite what your mind tells you, don’t let fear hold you back from reaching your full potential.

I already gave you a list that will help you get into career shape. It’s tough to make time for exercise. But, just as everyday activity is important to your physical health, exercising your brainpower and keeping our skills in tune with current employer needs is critical to our professional growth. Laziness, in this sense, can be a career killer.

Getting into career shape involves understanding that a whole person goes to work, not just their background. Instead of sitting back and letting your resume speak for itself, in today’s competitive market, you need to be proactive. Are you using your background in a way the makes sense to 2013 jobs or are you simply banking on a mainstream career simply because it’s easy, and it’s what you know? Are you listening – I mean really listening – to what skills growth organizations are after today? Taking personal accountability for their future seems to be where many job seekers fall short in the eyes of employers. Accountability in the workforce is a must, so why wouldn’t the first place employers look for that quality be in how a candidate runs his or her own future?

What does personal accountability even mean? It means acting as an owner and creator of whatever you wish to improve. In this case, it’s your professional future that needs improving, and it’s you who has the ability to change it. It’s time to stop giving the power to someone else or letting your emotions get the best of you. A downsizing, a company sale, or a job loss is out of your control. You can, however, control how you choose to react.

The first step on the road to personal accountability is learning to channel your anger in a productive manner, and realizing emotional boundaries in the workplace. Your boss is not your therapist, and President Obama is not going to take care of you. Everyone knows that job loss sucks, but the sooner you take matters into your own hands, the happier you will be. Prepare for professional breakups and leave your personal feelings about them at home. Mourn the loss, learn from your mistakes and move on as a better person for it. Employers are more impressed by those who come out of a bad job situation with a brighter outlook.

Commit to yourself, and build a specialty or background that is marketable. As we say at Career Reform – your career is your business. You own it, you build it. Take accountability for your future. Trust us, it feels good.

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