Write A Superhero Career Story

Superheroes have always been larger than life. These characters with beyond human abilities have spawned everything from their own clothing lines to feature-length films.

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To ensure these extraordinary beings stay popular and relevant for many years, and in some case decades, the brains behind them – the authors and artists – take the story they had and turn it into something new. The main characters remain, but everything else around them is changed or refreshed, allowing a new story to evolve for the audience.

A perfect example of this is our favorite neighborhood web-slinger, Spiderman. When the first movie was released in 2002, it was met with high praise as well earning millions worldwide, which in return spawned two more movies. Then, the third movie was not as well-received and the Spiderman craze began to slow down.

About a decade later, the story had be re-written and Spiderman was given a facelift. As it turns out when The Amazing Spider Man hit movie theatres in 2012, the fans came back in droves and fell in love again, creating fresh success for the franchise and now a sequel is in the works.

Most of us as professionals or job seekers could learn a thing or two from Spiderman. His creators acknowledged his story had become redundant and stale and needed reinvention to bring the fans and the popularity back. So when you feel you’ve maxed out your current position or your job search has hit a wall, it’s probably time for a new approach. Continue to maintain and highlight the skills and experiences that got you here, but then much like a comic book hero, hit the “reset button” and add something new and different that will get you noticed by potential employers.

You don’t need super powers to find career happiness. Sometimes it’s just a matter of reinventing who you are.

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